Manage Windows 8-style shortcuts at a glance


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With Stardock Tiles, you can quickly view and manage the shortcuts on your computer with a single glance at your screen's sidebar, where you'll have all your favorite applications, folders, programs, and web pages right within reach.

With a design similar to Windows 8, Stardock Tiles is very easy to use: you just have to drag the shortcuts you need to My Tiles. You can move through the program’s sections on three different desktops from left to right:

-My Tiles: The general view where all your shortcuts will be displayed. You can order them however you want so you can always browse them in the easiest way possible.
-Apps: Shows different windows for the programs in use, differentiating between them quickly and easily.
-Docs: Shows recent documents and the ones you still have open.

The sidebar in My Tiles is available in many different sizes and screen positions. You can configure it from the settings menu, changing its design, activating auto-hide when it's not in use, and setting up a keyboard shortcut for the app.
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